Renewal, detailed 29” x 40” Hand-dyed silk, cast-off burlap, cotton batting, embroidery floss, thread, seed beads

Artist Statement

My art captures the quiet, transitional moments of life cycles witnessed in nature. With an appreciation for the wabi-sabi aesthetic; wholeness, brokenness and rebirth are presented in shifting imagery honoring the beauty found in each stage. Manipulated and reclaimed cloth, handmade paper, wood and clay are used reflecting the range of strength to fragility. The use of color summons the attention of the viewer. Surface texture keeps the viewer engaged as eyes travel over the art, taking in the details provided. Nature serves as metaphor for the human condition inviting viewers to reflect on the condition of their own life. The desire is for the viewer to become engaged aesthetically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally with the art as they move from the public to the personal.