Grade 1

Paul Cezannne

The Blue Vase

Post-Impressionist still-life painter, Paul Cezanne pushed through the constraints of impressionism and paved the path for modernism, including cubism. His painting, The Blue Vase, is recognized for the use of pure, intense colors with darker outlines to add visual weight. 

Edward Hicks

The Peaceable Kingdom

Influenced by the Quaker faith, Edward Hicks learned to live simply and humbly. He devoted his life to depicting harmony and the possibility of attaining peace on earth. The Peaceable Kingdom painting reflects Hick’s belief in animal symbolism relating to human personality traits.

Norman Rockwell


Norman Rockwell identified himself as an illustrator rather than an artist and focused on the qualities he valued in the American people. Commuters captures a small community outside of New York City bustling with morning activity as people wait for the arrival of the next train into the city.

Pieter Brueghel

Winter Landscape with Bird Trap

Pieter Brueghel was a painter who loved capturing everyday activities of life, usually within a natural setting. In his Winter Landscape with Bird Trap painting, Brueghel presents life as he saw it in 1500s Netherlands.

Sir Joshua Reynolds

A Strawberry Girl

Despite his reputation as London’s best portrait painters, Sir Joshua Reynolds humbly served a wide variety of clients – wealthy, poor, young and old. A Strawberry Girl is a three-quarter portrait of Reynolds’ niece. He enjoyed capturing the innocence of childhood. 

Daniel French

Abraham Lincoln

The challenge of designing the Lincoln statue was that the memorial structure was already in place. Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial was designed by Daniel Chester French who created the model for it but the final sculpting was executed by the Piccirilli brothers of New York. 

Albrecht Durer

The Large Turf

Albrecht Durer was a keen observer who lived during the Renaissance. He especially loved observing small animals and plant life seen during his travels. While he is best known as an etcher and engraver, this small painting of a cluster of grasses in The Turf, is a testament to his insight and artistic ability.  

Mary Cassett

The Letter

Mary Cassatt knew at age fifteen that she was going to be an artist and ten years later, she was considered a respected painter and innovative printmaker who worked besides other famous artists Degas and Monet. Her subject matter focused on capturing women in their daily roles of domestic and social life.

Winslow Homer

The Country School

Winslow Homer portrayed an idealized carefree childhood and rural life in post-Civil War America. The Country School oil painting is consistent with these theme as barefooted children interact together in this safe environment. 

John Constable

Cloud Study

Known as the cloud-master, John Constable spend hours observing the ever-shifting conditions of the sky and rendered quick oil sketches for future reference. Cloud Study is an oil on paper sketch and was executed in preparation for a larger painting.